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Developing a Strategy for your Data Governance Initiative


Below is an excerpt from an article that I wrote an article for July edition of IHRIM’s Journal Workforce Solution Review on “Developing a Strategy for your Data Governance Initiative”.  To read the full article, please visit: Data. It has been called the lifeblood of an organization, a strategic asset, the Holy Grail. When data is readily available in ... Read More »

IT Project Failure: Same as it Ever Was.


Countless papers and articles were written on project success rates and why projects failed. All experts agreed on one thing: surely we have learned our lesson and things will be different moving forward. I am not so sure about that. Fast-forward ten years to 2010.  The economic downturn and great recession have had significant impact on enterprise systems as many ... Read More »

Volatility & Risk: What Your Enterprise Apps have in Common with the Stock Market

Project Planning

Interestingly enough, managing the evolution of your enterprise applications technology is much like managing your stock portfolio. Both require an investment of time, money and resource. Both can be volatile, require risk management and defining success criteria. Planning for risk intervention is a task that market investors do daily. Global markets trade around the clock and virtually infect each other ... Read More »

Sick Projects, Health Assessments and Van Halen


Yesterday I had the opportunity to appear on The Small Business Advocate Radio Show with Jim Blassingame to discuss conducting project health assessments. The Small Business Advocate® delivers valuable original information to help business owners and managers have the maximum opportunity to be successful. In my interview with Jim, we discussed the six points in a project when it is best ... Read More »

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