No Wishing Required

The Business Case for Project Assurance

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Project management and software implementation consultant Rob Prinzo has found most projects fail due to human factors early in the project life cycle. His insightful new book, No Wishing Required: The Business Case for Project Assurance, offers a success-driven approach to managing major collaborative endeavors.

Drawing on his more than 15 years’ experience, Prinzo has developed expertise in improving organizational efficiency and productivity for both Fortune 500 companies and state governments. Recognizing that technology – as well as other – business projects can take on a life of their own, Prinzo has designed an ongoing methodology that enables organizations to periodically stop and objectively assess and address project failure points as they arise.

No Wishing Required incorporates a fictionalized story of a project team navigating the complex world of enterprise software implementations to illustrate the wide array of problems and pitfalls that can plague such an undertaking. Prinzo provides invaluable tools and techniques for proactive and effective project leadership.

This easy-to-follow guide explains how to:

  • Identify six critical points in every project
  • Conduct project health assessment
  • Develop collaborative team behavior
  • Build a communications-centric foundation for the entire project team, from executives to end-user

No Wishing Required will resonate with anyone who has ever been part of a large business systems implementation project team. Prinzo’s time-proven, common-sense blueprint to successful project development and implementation turns the “wishing” into knowledge.

No Wishing Required is available in paperback and all ebook formats (Kindle, iBook, Nook, etc.).


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What they’re saying about No Wishing Required:

Four out of Five Stars) No Wishing Required is based on the very basic premise that project failure can be avoided by project assurance. Although the book is geared toward software development projects, the concept is applicable to projects in any field. The book is well written in simple language and without any technical detail. The fictional story is entertaining and injected with humor. Prinzo believes that project managers don’t need a “Genie” bearing wishes to avoid project failure once they master the technique of collaborative intervention. - ForeWord Clarion Reviews


“I highly recommend No Wishing Required to anyone who is involved in enterprise systems projects.  The author provides a fresh, real world approach and methodology to ensuring successful projects.  He has a clear methodology to resolving project issues and roadblocks before they arise.  Whether embarking on a project for the first time or as a seasoned veteran, utilizing the methodology in this book will give the reader many insights for project success.”- HR Systems Executive Large Media Company


‘No Wishing Required” presents a fresh perspective to the challenging area of project assurance. You can forget the checklists, this book puts people at the heart of the process. Utilising a methodology he has named “collaborative intervention”, Rob Prinzo, sets out a dynamic people-centric, but structured approach, that when adopted will increase the likelihood of a project’s success rate. This book belongs in any project manager’s toolkit. The bonus is that it’s also an entertaining read!”- Director  Consulting Firm, Australia


“It’s so refreshing reading a book that eliminates the fantasies about business by telling it like it is.  It’s a great book for correcting projects and getting them back on track. Incorporating a realistic scenario into the specifics makes this an easy read.” -  Project Manager, PMP


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