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Project Management Considerations for Business Transformation Projects

Business Charts

Over the last two years, I have written a series of blog posts about the impact of the economy on enterprise technology projects.  The premise of the posts being that consolidation, shared services, outsourcing and SaaS (and now Cloud) business models would accelerate as organizations seek operating efficiencies through business process improvements. These business transformation initiatives can not only yield ... Read More »

The Delicate Balance of Customizing Packaged Software


Despite the mantra of vanilla, customizing packaged software is an expectation of implementation. After all, it is ‘packaged’ software and designed to meet the majority of requirements across businesses functions or industries. According to the 2011 Panorama Consulting Group ERP Report, 15-percent of companies did not customize their ERP software with the remaining 85-percent choosing some level of customization: 37% ... Read More »

The Main Ingredient for Getting Troubled Projects Back on Track


Project Leadership (Becoming an Interventionist) When diagnosing project issues it is important to step back from the situation and look objectively at the project as a whole. Often times, the people involved in the day to day project efforts become so engrossed with project status, metrics, and management concerns, that they overlook addressing the root cause of a problem. A ... Read More »

How to Close the Gaps That Lead to Project Failure


Countless papers and articles have been written on project success rates and why projects fail. Interestingly enough, the reasons that projects fail are the same today as they were ten years ago: lack of top management commitment, unrealistic expectations, poor requirements definition, improper package selection, gaps between software and business requirements, inadequate resources, underestimating time and cost, poor project management, ... Read More »

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