Collaborative Intervention

How to Identify, Assess and Intervene in Troubled Business Technology and Transformation Projects

CI CoverEnterprise Technology and Transformation projects experience failure rates between fifty and seventy percent.  Project failures range from project cost overruns, missed expectations, and disgruntled users, to “train wrecks”—which are wastelands of time and money in the form of software that is never implemented or projects that are simply canceled.

Rob Prinzo has found most projects fail due to human factors early in the project life cycle. Using these lessons learned as a foundation, Prinzo has designed a three step methodology known as Collaborative Intervention®.   Collaborative Intervention gives you the what, when, and how answers that you need to assure project success.

Collaborative Intervention helps you to identify and resolve the strategic, tactical, and intangible issues before they become insurmountable and provides the peace of mind that disastrous project “train wrecks” will never materialize.


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