• Collaborative Intervention

    Collaborative Intervention

    How to Identify, Assess and Intervene in Troubled Business Technology and Transformation Projects En...

  • Project Soup

    Project Soup

    Recipes for Managing to Success Project management is much like making a soup. And just as there are...

  • No Wishing Required

    No Wishing Required

    The Business Case for Project Assurance Project management and software implementation consultant Ro...

Project Soup: In Search of the Perfect Metaphor

soup bowl1

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of my new book: Project Soup: Recipes for Managing to Success. As I put this book together, I searched for a meaningful metaphor that would convey help convey the purpose of the book: to provide a collection of step by step articles and essays (a.k.a. recipes) that outline the steps involved in resolving ... Read More »

Developing a Strategy for your Data Governance Initiative


Below is an excerpt from an article that I wrote an article for July edition of IHRIM’s Journal Workforce Solution Review on “Developing a Strategy for your Data Governance Initiative”.  To read the full article, please visit: http://www.ihrimpublications.com/ Data. It has been called the lifeblood of an organization, a strategic asset, the Holy Grail. When data is readily available in ... Read More »

IT Project Failure: Same as it Ever Was.


Countless papers and articles were written on project success rates and why projects failed. All experts agreed on one thing: surely we have learned our lesson and things will be different moving forward. I am not so sure about that. Fast-forward ten years to 2010.  The economic downturn and great recession have had significant impact on enterprise systems as many ... Read More »

The Impact of the Recession: Accelerated Change


Beginning in 2008, the economic downturn and great recession have had significant impact on enterprise system implementations: 1. Acceleration of consolidated and shared services. The move to consolidated and shared services was overdue and is now being driven by cost savings through position reductions. Organizational opponents to these initiatives were left defenseless, as their disparate units can no longer support ... Read More »

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