• Collaborative Intervention

    Collaborative Intervention

    How to Identify, Assess and Intervene in Troubled Business Technology and Transformation Projects En...

  • Project Soup

    Project Soup

    Recipes for Managing to Success Project management is much like making a soup. And just as there are...

  • No Wishing Required

    No Wishing Required

    The Business Case for Project Assurance Project management and software implementation consultant Ro...

Volatility & Risk: What Your Enterprise Apps have in Common with the Stock Market

Project Planning

Interestingly enough, managing the evolution of your enterprise applications technology is much like managing your stock portfolio. Both require an investment of time, money and resource. Both can be volatile, require risk management and defining success criteria. Planning for risk intervention is a task that market investors do daily. Global markets trade around the clock and virtually infect each other ... Read More »

Sick Projects, Health Assessments and Van Halen


Yesterday I had the opportunity to appear on The Small Business Advocate Radio Show with Jim Blassingame to discuss conducting project health assessments. The Small Business Advocate® delivers valuable original information to help business owners and managers have the maximum opportunity to be successful. In my interview with Jim, we discussed the six points in a project when it is best ... Read More »

Peanuts, Popcorn, Procurement!

Stock Traders Conducting Interview

Don’t Let Your Procurement Turn into a Three Ring Circus The purpose of a bidders’ conference is to provide an open exchange between purchasers and vendors, to communicate the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to vendors, answer supplier questions and ultimately ensure a clear understanding of requirements.  Having conducted a fair amount of work in the Public Sector, I often ... Read More »

The Lighter Side of Project Management


When it comes to project management (or software implementations), ever wish that you had done something differently?  Sure, we all have. But you can’t change the past; you can only change the present and the future. When you think about it, the implementation of enterprise software is a non-glamorous, complex field aimed at implementing systems for large companies and governments ... Read More »

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