• Collaborative Intervention

    Collaborative Intervention

    How to Identify, Assess and Intervene in Troubled Business Technology and Transformation Projects En...

  • Project Soup

    Project Soup

    Recipes for Managing to Success Project management is much like making a soup. And just as there are...

  • No Wishing Required

    No Wishing Required

    The Business Case for Project Assurance Project management and software implementation consultant Ro...

A Blue Print of Know-How


A few years ago, my wife and I decided to remodel our kitchen. As with most couples, I was thinking upgrade (aka the cheap route) and she was thinking reimplementation (aka dream kitchen renovation). After looking at the big picture, the effort involved, cost, length of time we were planning to live in the house, and increased resale value, we ... Read More »

Successful Technology Implementations for Small Business


Last week I had the opportunity to appear on The Small Business Advocate Radio Show with Jim Blassingame to discuss how to assure project success. The Small Business Advocate® delivers valuable original information to help business owners and managers have the maximum opportunity to be successful. In my interview with Jim, we discussed the costs of IT failure and how ... Read More »

Set Expectations Upfront with Realistic Project Success Criteria


When starting a new project, it is important for all team members and executives to have a common set of criteria to determine project success. However, defining project success can be difficult as people’s definitions will differ based on their project experience and personal situation. On several occasions, I have been a part of large transformation projects that resulted in ... Read More »

Project Management Considerations for Business Transformation Projects

Business Charts

Over the last two years, I have written a series of blog posts about the impact of the economy on enterprise technology projects.  The premise of the posts being that consolidation, shared services, outsourcing and SaaS (and now Cloud) business models would accelerate as organizations seek operating efficiencies through business process improvements. These business transformation initiatives can not only yield ... Read More »

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